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How can ladies enjoy their stay in hostel?


Imano Kyoto Kiyomizu Hostel offers safe and comfortable staying experience for female guests.

Here we are going to introduce the female quadruple room at our hostel to you!



Every rooms are equipped with a password security lock.



This room type is perfect for the group of travelers up to four ladies – specious room with two bunk beds.



There are usb charger hubs, sockets and reading lamp besides each bed.



Public toilets and shower rooms are separated from the room, which you can feel free to use at anytime.



We have also prepared foot massage machines in the common space, so that you can enjoy your relaxing time after sightseeing.



Of course please enjoy the happy time hanging out with friends in the common space!


How is this?

Staying in our hostel maybe a good option for girl’s travel♪

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.


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